A person who “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable to, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country[1] is what we know as a refugee. Country-less, homeless, food-less, everything-less; the only thing left is hope to find a new life.

The Syrian civil war created chaos and it has become the worst nightmare of millions of people. It is almost impossible to believe that it all started with peaceful protests in 2011 and escalated with a violent reaction from the government. That three year old boy on the beach is not the only death. Thousands of people have died at sea, from starvation or inhumane conditions. Millions of people have been forced out of their homes and many of them (if not the majority) have failed to find one. They have spread among Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Greece any country nearby, although I must say Turkey’s actions are admirable: they have spent so far almost six million dollars so far to help about three million refuges (1 million registered and 2 million unofficially approximately)[2].


It is safe to say that thousands of refugees mobilized further deep into Europe. Some of them were received in Germany and United Kingdom, but to others countries slammed the door on their faces, for example as recent news show: Hungary, but they are not the only ones. These events made me wonder: these people’s worst nightmare is not the Syrian war, it’s humanity itself. I have so many questions to which I can’t seem to find an answer: Until what level of indifference will countries achieve? When will countries decide to open the door to these people? If European countries cannot or won’t accept more “migrants” in their territory why don’t they fund better conditions in refugee camps? How come countries that are not wealthy (Turkey, Egypt, Greece!!) have received refugees while countries wealthy enough to build artificial islands and floating stadium have not? Sorry, I DO NOT GET IT. If they what to look at the situation “coldly” funding and helping refugees will prevent them from joining ISIL (result = ISIL’s army will not grow) and it can also give them good “reputation” and recognition before the international community.

I cannot deny that several nations have donated money, but there is a huge income gap of 51% for the necessary fund the UNHCR need:



I am not a nationalist, nor a communist nor socialist. I do not define my way of thinking with a certain political movement. I am just stating that many solutions can be presented to face the refugee situation. A nearly simple one comes to my mind right now:

1RST: Countries that do not what migrants in their territory (a.k.a. most European countries and possibly USA) or countries that are quite small but have plenty of money (a.k.a. Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc.) [Countries Class A] donate money to a fund.

2ND: Countries that have territory and do not have a huge problem on migratory policies but do not have the money to spend on refugees and are not located near refugee camps (a.k.a. South America or others in Asia) [Countries Class B]; express their will to receive them.

3RD: With the same money from the fund and possible donations they build in Countries Class B many many many small houses or buildings for refugees.

4TH: Several airlines volunteer to transport refugees with ONLY the cost of transport (meaning no earnings, cost 0 = not losing nor winning money) that will be funded by created fund.

This is not the best solution ever, as I said it is something I came up with, but many things can be done with only the WILL to help from countries, organizations, enterprises: all people. Last I heard, we are humans and we’d better start helping each other. I am sure we can all prove that the well-known “globalization” has globalized brotherhood and caring instead of indifference and selfishness. We can help, create conscience and spread the word, simple civilians joined can make a huge change. #JESUISREFUGEE.

[1] UN Refugee Agency. UNHCR. “Flowing across Borders”. Link: <>

[2] David Lepeska. AlJazeera. “The ticking time bomb of Syrian refugees”. Link: <>


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